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addElement(Element) - Method in class org.bch.fhir.i2b2.pdomodel.ElementSet
Add an Element object into the set
addElementSet(ElementSet) - Method in class org.bch.fhir.i2b2.pdomodel.PDOModel
Adds an ElementSet object in the pdo document
addMetadataInObservationSet(String, String, ElementSet) - Method in class org.bch.fhir.i2b2.service.FHIRToPDO
Adds a metadata element associated to the current fhir resource.
addRow(String) - Method in class org.bch.fhir.i2b2.pdomodel.Element
Add a row in the element
AppConfig - Class in org.bch.fhir.i2b2.config
Configuration file
AppConfig() - Constructor for class org.bch.fhir.i2b2.config.AppConfig